Mark Dlugon'ski' - Photography

My goal is to produce fine art photography as a means to convey my relationship of the world around me and to inspire / encourage others to seek their own relationship with what they see. Even if it’s in their own garden or yard. My subjects originate from my very simple philosophy, “What makes the heart flutter, to push the shutter”. Once the shutter is pushed, it starts to take on a more meaningful appreciation of what we have all around us.

The photography part of the process allows me to capture these “Flutter” moments through choosing the type of light (within limits), composition, lens, equipment and other technical aspects of the image capture. However, this part of the process presents limits in the artistic aspects I wish to convey.

The artistic part of the process allows me to convey at a deeper meaning my relationship of what I see. Through the use of various image techniques, this allows me to accomplish this.

When exploring my work, one can immediately see the detail of my subjects and the intent of capturing this “Flutter” moment. The call to detail that makes one stop to look and take notice, which otherwise could potentially go unnoticed in our daily busy lives.

I appreciate your time reading and viewing!
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